We understand that manufacturers of protected and exclusive lines of products might have questions about this private marketplace. As a manufacturer, your goal is to fiercely protect your brand in as many ways as possible, including:

  • Protecting dealer margins for authorized dealers
  • Protecting end user customers from fraud and poor customer service
  • Protecting the quality and reputation of your brand and products

As such, we've designed our site to be beneficial for both you and your dealers:

  1. By freeing up shelf space and turning old inventory into cash, your dealers can now purchase current products from you that they actually can sell to clients. The more cash dealers can free up, the better it is for them and their suppliers - you!
  2. Although we don’t claim to police our site for dealers breaking agreements, we’ve included features that help dealers protect themselves - and you. For instance, when a dealer enters a product into our virtual inventory, they can make it an exclusive product. Exclusive products can only be seen and purchased by other verified authorized dealers.
  3. When a dealer signs up, they include a list of manufacturers for which they are authorized resellers. We then cross reference against our list of authorized dealers before we grant them membership.