have excess inventory
that ties up cash.

Get what you need.
Get rid of what you don't.

Through project change orders, swap-outs and exchanges, repairs, manufacturer purchase incentives, and other unforeseen circumstances, you’ve ended up with unwanted inventory sitting on shelves doing nothing but collecting dust and tying up your cash.

Invenshare connects the warehouses of small businesses across the nation, helping AV dealers find what they need and generate cash flow for their business.

"Site rocks. I love how simple, smooth, intuitive it is. It is 'inviting' to use, if that makes sense." - Ken Bosley, Owner of World Premiere
"Thank you so much for this. It's a great idea, and I believe dealers all over the country will benefit from it. You have a great thing here." - John Clancy, VP of Audio Command Systems
"Your concept is fantastic...
          I'm very excited by this." - Jeff Dorman, Owner of Connect Tech, Inc.
“Invenshare speaks to a genuine need within our industry. Josh Willits deserves a lot of credit for devising a solution and bringing it to fruition. He’s a great guy with a tremendous idea, and we anticipate great success for this new service.” - Ron Callis Jr., CEO of One Firefly  
"Invenshare is a service that is long overdue in our industry. Congrats to Invenshare for doing something that will really help all of our businesses improve our cash flow and shed dead inventory!" - Eric Thies, Owner of DSI Entertainment